Tow Truck Tim and Rolling Ray Wow Toy Review

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Maxwell is a typical little boy who loves to play with cars. He spends a few hours a day whizzing around the lounge playing with different cars. This week Maxwell was in for a treat when he was sent a Tow Truck Tim and Rolling Ray from WOW Toys.

Tow Truck Tim and Rolling Ray are a fantastic lorry and car duo. They are brightly coloured, large enough for toddler hands and robust. These toys offer hours of fun for children. At the age of 2, this toy encourages Maxwell to explore and learn.

The toy is easy to use, there is a magnetic winch which connects to the car, once connected it pulls it onto the truck when your child holds down a green button on the trailer. To release the car you need to drop down the click opening tailgate and press the red button and watch as Ray rolls back down ready for action.

There are many features which I love about this toy including that it requires no batteries. This is fantastic for us as we normally spend a fortune on batteries for Maxwell's toys and it is not always convenient to go and buy them. Another feature I also  like is that on the tow truck and the car the window screens open which enables you to put the 2 characters in so it looks like they are driving the cars around when Maxwell is pushing them along.

Maxwell really enjoyed playing with Tow Truck Tim and Rolling Ray. So far he has spent hours playing with the toy and getting to grips with all 13 different features it has to offer. As a parent I was so impressed with the toy I have actually bought some more WOW toys from the range for Maxwell to enjoy this Christmas. 

You are able to purchase and find out more about Tow Truck Tim who is available from Amazon. Wow Toys would also love to see you over on there Facebook and Twitter pages.

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review.
However we did receive the product for review purposes. Everything written in this post is my own, honest opinion.

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  1. will definitely be getting some wow toys, have been meaning to for a while, anything that doesn't require batteries is a godsend!


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