Tomy Play To Learn Review

Gifts For The Infant And Toddler

Marley the Musical Accordion - Marley is a cute bright coloured dog. Marley has a few special features that no other toy we have come across has, Marley is a Musical Accordion dog.  Marley can be played with as a four note accordion or pulled along. In Accordion mode we found Marley to be a little hard to use for Maxwell's small hands. Maxwell found it hard to push the 2 sides of Marley together and in the end he opted in to pushing one side of Marley into the floor so he could get a little sound out of him. As Maxwell continues to grow, I don't think this issue will be such a problem. On a brighter side, when Marley is pulled along by his string he makes a lovely clack sound and his body is animated by the squishy accordion movement. Maxwell loved pulling Marley along and especially loved it when I made Marley chase after him.

Mr Owl Pop Out Puzzles - Out of all the Play To Learn toys we received this is the toy which has kept Maxwell entertained the most. He simply loves every single thing about it. This simple toy is many toys in one! Mr Owl is a owl shaped toy which helps children learn shapes, colours, solve puzzles and enables children to make simple pictures. Mr Owl comes with 4 cubes which all have a different puzzle/activity to complete on each side. There are 5 different forest themed pictures to make with the 6th side of the cube revealing removable pieces for shape sorting.  If you press down on Professor Owl’s head, you are able to see him blink. Once the puzzles are complete if you push Mr Owl's head down again it makes the puzzle cubes fall out and your children then has to begin the puzzle fun all over again. 

Cheesy Riders - This toy is incredibly bright which attracts younger eyes to it. It is simple to use and a lot of fun. It is a little pull along toy which features 3 mice. As you child pulls along the toy with the string your child is able to watch the 3 fun mice rise up and down. With every pull the mice rise up and down in turn and they make a ‘tick tick tack’ sound. Maxwell really enjoyed playing with this toy. He loved watching the mice go up and down and squealed in delight when he learnt the mice can be removed from the toy. Once removed they can be played with in imaginary play or rattled and shaken.

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review.
However we did receive the product for review purposes. Everything written in this post is my own, honest opinion.

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