The Best Of 2013

To finish off the year I thought I would finish the end of the year on a high and write down 5 of my most happiest, memorable moments of this year which have happened to Mummy To The Max.  I hope you have enjoyed reading our blog and you are looking forward to sharing some new memories with us in 2014.

Being sponsored to go to Britmums by Silentnight and working with Silentnight in 2013 - This year I was amazed when I was given the opportunity to go to Britmums. Being quite a new blogger and not as established as others around me I was so happy to be picked. I had such an amazing time there and I learnt so many new things not to mention I made some fantastic blogging friends that I now talk to every day! Silentnight have continued to support me this year and I am looking forward to working with them in 2014.

Being picked as Tomy Official  Blogger - This year I was surprised to have the opportunity with Maxwell to become a Tomy Official  Blogger. Maxwell has had a opportunity not many children his age have had and I truly want to thank Tomy for all there support and help they have given us, not to mention the parcels we have gone on to receive from them.

We went to London - I love going to London but due to living in Southampton we don't normally get a lot of time to visit. This year I have been lucky to visit 3 times. My favourite visit was when me and Ben went together and we were able to review the London Eye. We had a great time and it was very memorable.

Showing my readers deals - I really enjoy finding deals, freebies and bargains and  I have really enjoyed sharing them with my readers this year. Hopefully 2014 will be even better and I will be able to save you all even more money!

Having the opportunity to try different things - This year has seen us try lots of different things we may not have tried in the past. We have tried lots of new foods, toys, clothes and we even have had fun visiting places. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the lovely brands we have worked with.


  1. Looks like you've had a fab year :) Can't wait to meet you at brit mums!!! xxx

  2. It certainly looks like you've had an amazing and very busy year - I hope 2014 is just as wonderful for you!


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