Jelly Belly Review

Gifts For The One With The Unusual Taste 

At Christmas I am always looking for unusual gifts to gift my Dad. He adores chocolate but he also loves chewy sweets with a twist. This Christmas we were sent a large box of Jelly Belly beans to review, after opening the box and being dazzled by all the magnificent colours, I then went on to taste a boxful of greatness.

The box which we were sent was large and consisted of 40 amazing flavours all which were presented in individual compartments in a lovely presentation box. In each compartment there were around 10 beans of each flavour. There were so many different flavours in the box it was impossible to know where to start however I decided to start with some bright colours in hope they may be fruity.

After tasting most of the Jelly Belly beans I found there were only one or 2 which I did not enjoy. From coffee to strawberry jam, chocolate to toasted marshmallow and green apple to cinnamon, there was a bean for everyone to get there taste buds tingling. 
Inside the gift box there was a card to tell me which jelly bean was which and the card also included some fun recipes. Before tasting I did not check the card as I wanted to guess the flavours to see if they really tasted like they were meant to, which they did.We had fun trying to make unusual recipes and follow recipes which were on the card. One of our favourites was the candy apple recipe.

If you are looking for that unusual gift for someone this Christmas, I would definitely reccomend a Jelly Belly gift box. Not only do the beans taste great they can provide a few minutes of fun for the family when you are trying to make different recipes.

The 40 flavour gift box which we were sent is priced at £15.26 which I think is reasonable. You are able to check out all the different flavours that Jelly Belly have to offer over on there website. To purchase a gift for that special person this Christmas, why not visit there Jelly Belly shop?

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