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This week saw Maxwell have his 2nd Birthday, a Birthday which was filled with a lot of happiness and joy. We threw Maxwell a lovely Birthday which was attended by some of our family. I wanted to make his Birthday that extra bit special so I decorated the house a little and decided to have a key piece on the table which everyone would see as they walked into our lounge - A cake stand filled with cupcakes.

The lovely people over at Country Baskets sent us the cake stand and at first I was a little surprised with it. Before getting the stand I expected it to come in a box, and me having to build it however upon opening the box on its arrival I found that the stand was all ready built and ready to go and could not be dismantled. At first this did cause me a few problems due to having limited storage but since then it has found a home in my kitchen.

The stand itself is a 2 tier stand. It is fairly large and I managed to fit a large amount of cakes on the stand when hosting Max's party. The white stand is made of a metal material and I think it would stand a lot of wear, the metal itself is easy to clean and has a nice finish around the edges making it safe to use around children. The stand features a beautiful unique design which is very eye catching. 

People who attended our party commented on the stand and when I mentioned that the cake stand was priced at just £13.64 they seemed a little surprised. I am looking forward to using the stand all year round including this Christmas when people come round for a mince pie and a hot drink.

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review.
However we did receive the product for review purposes. Everything written in this post is my own, honest opinion.

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