Christmas Eve Box For A Toddler

This year I decided I really wanted to start a Christmas tradition with Maxwell. I want him to grow up remembering certain things we did each year as a family and keep the tradition going as he grows. I want him to remember small things which bought him a little joy and happiness around the festive season and remember it through his adult years. Some people frown upon this tradition but I simply think its a brilliant idea, the idea being Christmas Eve Boxes!

A Christmas Eve Box is something which I shall be gifting Maxwell on Christmas Eve each year. It will contain items which  I think he will enjoy receiving just before the big day of Christmas, things which will get him into the Christmas spirit, things which will keep him entertained, things that will help him pamper himself as well as a few things which he will enjoy.

Maxwell will be receiving these items in his Christmas Eve box this year - 
  1. A projection torch - Perfect for having lots of fun with and creating magical pictures on the wall the night before Santa arrives.
  2. A Key for Santa - Great for those who do not have a fire place and for those who's children wonder how Santa comes in to drop off his presents.
  3. Some "magic" glitter bubble bath - Magic bubble bath so Santa can track your child down to deliver presents due to the magic glitter particles.
  4. A new set of Pj's - Perfect for those early morning Christmas photos as well as making sure your child is feeling comfortable when Santa drops those presents off.
  5. Some new socks - To keep those little toes warm when Santa visits as well as early morning unwrapping.
  6. New Books - The perfect stories to keep children entertained in the day time as well as before bedtime.
  7. New Dvds - The perfect little present for your child to watch in the day time.
  8. Some chocolate - A little treat for your little one to enjoy in the day time when watching a DVD.
  9. Christmas Plate - Preparation for Christmas day is important, this is something which your little one can eat there Christmas dinner on.
  10. A small soft toy Santa - I thought this would be a touch. Maxwell can take Santa to bed with him as well as read his bedtime story with him.
  11. A new towel - A special treat for Maxwell when he gets out of the bath
  12. A Christmas Sticker book - A activity to entertain Maxwell through Christmas eve.

As this is the first year of me doing the box for Maxwell, I had to buy everything as new however next Christmas there is nothing stopping me using the same box I bought this Christmas and using some items such as the DVD's and books to fill it up again. The contents of this box cost me less than £20 as I shopped for bargains, a few items in this box are also wins. 

Will you be doing your children/yourself a Christmas Eve box and if so what will you be putting in it?

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  1. What a lovely idea ! the anticipation can be too much sometimes for wee ones, so this would keep them occupied without spoiling the magic of Santa. Enjoy your Christmas x :)


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