Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013 was the 3rd Christmas Maxwell had got to celebrate. Unfortunately Maxwell and I were both ill, I was at the end of the cold which had bugged me for over a week and Maxwell was at the start of his cold however we both did not allow this to ruin our Christmas.

Ben worked all over Christmas which meant we missed having a lot of family time together. On Christmas eve Maxwell was given his Christmas Eve box which he really enjoyed. He loved the chocolate which he got to nibble on as he watched his Christmas films and he loved having a nice hot bubble bath at the end of the day with his new towel and his "special" bubble bath. He loved getting in to his new PJ's and snuggling down under the cover whilst I read him his Christmas book. Overall we had a fantastic Christmas Eve and once tucked into bed Santa came with lots of treats!

Christmas morning was a lazy one. We did not get up until 9am and once up we let Maxwell enjoy opening his presents.  I was surprised to see this year that Maxwell actually knew how to unwrap his presents and he loved attacking the paper whilst he excitedly unwrapped. Maxwell loved unwrapping his sesame street toys and he screamed in delight when he saw he had a new wooden puzzle train.

After breakfast we got ready to go and celebrate Christmas with our families. Each year we split our day so that we spend time with both our families. First we visited Ben's family and we also had our Christmas lunch there. We had a nice time there and then we rushed off to spend the remainder of the day with my family. Everyone was very generous with their gifts and Maxwell especially loved the Noahs ark my sister gifted him and a Vtech robot my parents gifted him.

On boxing day we spent the day as a family of 3 and we went shopping.  Our day was sadly shortened as Ben had work however we managed to get a few bargains and we enjoyed spending out day together. When we arrived home, Maxwell managed to spend some well deserved time playing with his Noah's ark and his new Megablok truck.

The following day we spent at my sisters, we had a lovely dinner there and Maxwell and I managed to catch some more of our family which we had not got round to seeing at Christmas. We had a brilliant day and Maxwell enjoyed opening more presents.

Overall we had a lovely Christmas. I just wish Ben had a little more time off so we could have got to enjoy the run up and the few days after however I am sure this will change next year. We are looking forward to Christmas 2014 and I have already started present preparing!

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  1. Glad you all had a lovely Christmas. Bet Max is made up with all his toys :) Thanks for linking up at #ShareItSundays x


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