TOMY - Winnie The Pooh Review

A few months ago we reviewed some fantastic products from the Winnie the Pooh range for TOMY. A few weeks ago we were sent some more items from the range and Maxwell was very excited. This time Maxwell had been sent a Dancing Winnie The Pooh as well as a Winnie The Pooh stack, pour, post and play toy.

As soon as Maxwell saw the Dancing Winnie The Pooh, I knew he would really enjoy the toy. Maxwell loves music and also loves to move, I can barely think of a time where he manages to sit still so I knew the Dancing Winnie The Pooh would keep him entertained.

The Dancing Winnie The Pooh is very easy to operate. With a simple squeeze of his left hand he will sing and dance along to 'Up, Down, Touch the Ground' and with a squeeze of the right hand you can play a game of Musical Statues. Maxwell loves to hear Winnie the Pooh sing and dance, although Maxwell has not mastered just yet how to play musical statues he still enjoys giggling and playing with Pooh.

The dancing Winnie The Pooh is aimed for children aged 10 months+. At first I did think the toy maybe a little too babyish for Maxwell however I was proved wrong as the musical statue game is actually a little too old for Maxwell, so the toy is perfect for Maxwell to grow up with.

I think this would make a fabulous Christmas or birthday present It is full of fun and can bring a lot of smiles to your children's faces. I have also found that it can entertain adults (like Maxwell's daddy). This toy retails at around £30.00 and requires four AA batteries (which are included).

The Winnie the Pooh Stack Pour Post 'n' Play toy is a shape sorter, a bath toy and enables your child to be able to stack cups. This toy has been cleverly thought out as it enables your child to have hours of fun. It is easy to use as all the parts are perfect for little fingers and it is very bright which makes it very appealing to children.

The toy has a set of 5 stacking cups. Each cups has a different design of holes cut in their bases so that you can use them in the bath as pouring cups. The two largest cups screw together and you then are able to place the yellow' lid on it to turn it into a shape sorter. The toy then comes with 3 different shapes that you can use when the toy is in the shape sorter mode.

Maxwell had a lot of fun with this toy. It was brilliant to see all the different things he could do with just one toy.  If I could improve anything about this toy it would be that there would be more shapes to sort. With there only being 3, I think Maxwell will end up finding the shape sorting too easy as he will familiarise himself with it and grow out of the toy quite quickly.

The toy is recommended for children aged 1+. I think the toy is fairly priced at just £15.00 RRP as it has so many uses and your child can grow with it. This toy also does not need batteries which is also a huge hit with me.

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review.
However we did receive the product for review purposes. Everything written in this post is my own, honest opinion.

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