My Thornton’s Christmas Hero

We were recently contacted by Thorntons and asked to take part in the Thorntons Christmas Hero campaign. The campaign is a little like Secret Santa but you are able to nominate someone who you feel needs/deserves a treat. When I was asked to take part in the campaign, I had to say yes and I also knew instantly who I would choose.

There are 2 people who have always believed in me and have always been there for me, my parents. Growing up as a child me and my sister always had everything we wanted. My parents worked long hours for us to provide us with a great childhood. We had lovely holidays, camping in our caravan and sailing on our yacht to France. We had the latest clothing, the latest toys and we had great weekends as we went on many family trips.We were given lots of opportunities many people my age did not get and I believe that was down to all my parents hard work. It wasn't just about the money though, it was the guidance and support they gave me as well. If I did wrong I knew I had done, If I had done right they would remind me how proud they were of me and that is why today I think I am the person I am.

When I fell pregnant at the age of 19, they continued there support not only to me but to Ben and Maxwell. They let us live at their house whilst we saved to move out and were always around to look after Maxwell if we needed it. They put there life on hold to make sure we were happy.
They now live on the Isle Of Wight so we don't get to see them as often as we used to however they are always still there to offer advice and support and I truly am thankful to them, I know if I need them I am welcome to see them and they are always at the end of the phone.  They are the best parents I could ask for and the best grandparents I could ask them to be to Maxwell. I am proud of them and everything they have achieved in life.

Being my hero's I was allowed to choose my parents a gift from the Thorntons website. I choose them the Family night bundle which was priced very reasonably at £25. The bundle is huge and taken apart it actually has a RRP of over £50. The bundle has something for everyone and I hope my parents enjoy their treat this Christmas.


  1. aw that was so lovely to read :) how nice of you. i'm sure they'll love it x

  2. Aww how lovely! Hope they enjoyed their treat! x

  3. michelle rutter hughes shell_shoez27@yahoo.com30 November 2013 at 06:17

    Wow, what a well deserved treat I think parents have the most important job in the world/

  4. Such a lovely post to read. Parents are truly amazing, dunno what I'd do without mine! xo


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