Bargain Hunting #25

As many of our readers know, we have just moved into our new home. Throughout the process of moving I have been trying to save money. We have had freebies, discounts, a few bargains and have managed to save ourselves a lot of money.

We managed to get a few freebies whilst moving which has really helped us with our spending. Before moving o2 rewards had a fantastic deal on where you were able to get £20 worth of freebies from a storage company. Me and Ben are both on o2 and managed to get £20 worth each. We had 4 rolls of tape and lots of boxes, which of course helped us with costs. As a member of the local freecycle groups I also kept a eye on what was coming up for free, although I did not get any freebies as we had a lot of bits already, for first time people starting off a home freecycle is brilliant.

For our new home I wanted some new furnishings. I shopped around and found discount codes which enabled me to get items cheaper than they would be if I had not shopped online. I managed to get £5 off a beeding set and we managed to get £20 off our new fridge.

Use Cashback Sites
When buying things online for your home use cashback sites. You can earn a percentage of the final costs back and although sometimes the cashback can be small, it eventually all adds up which in turn means you can use it for other things which you will need.

Phone and Internet
Before moving see if your current internet and home phone provider will let you switch your lines to your new home. We were able to switch and we were not charged, we were just asked to sign up for a new 12 month agreement, as we had just renewed with our provider they simply added a few extra months on to the contract which saved us over £65 instead of paying the moving fee. 

Contents Insurance
Sometimes things go wrong in your new home and contents insurance can be a life-saver.  Contents insurance covers you for the items in your property. You may have a laptop, camera, mobile phone or other items which are of importance to you. Make sure you find cover which is suitable for the items you own. Remember to check comparison sites to make sure you find the cheapest deal.

When moving you will need to run down your freezer and if you are moving a long way away you will need to use your fresh products. For the last 2 weeks at our old home we did not go food shopping instead everyday on the way home from work Ben would buy us food for the meal we needed. We would make use of the stuff we had in the freezer and the money we saved from not doing weekly food shops we put the money away for the big food shop once we had moved in.

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