A Week Of Learning And New Experiences

  1. Maxwell went out for lunch
  2. Maxwell has learnt new words
  3. Maxwell loves to celebrate
  4. Maxwell loves balloons
  5. Maxwell is getting a little bossy
This week Ben had a few extra days off work so yesterday we decided to take Maxwell out for lunch. We had a lovely time and Maxwell was very well behaved. Whilst out we learnt that Maxwell enjoys dipping his chips into sauces, which he had seen us do. I am looking forward to having more days out as a family.

Maxwell has learn a few more words this week. He now says see when he knows people are leaving and he likes to also try and copy words which people say to him. This week he managed to say "Say What" when Ben said it to him joking around. I cant wait to be able to talk to Maxwell and hold a full conversation with him.

This week saw Maxwell learn to say YAY whilst throwing his arms in the air (See the video below). I think its incredibly cute and funny. When certain programmes are on TV or if he does something which we praise him for he now shouts YAY and raises his arms in the air.

At the weekend we went round Ben's families house as it was his sisters Birthday. Whilst there Maxwell enjoyed some party food but also found a new love, balloons. Maxwell spent a good few hours playing with the balloons.  He enjoyed throwing them around the room, tiding them up and eventually when he was confident with them he enjoyed throwing them at people and balancing on them.

Maxwell has started to get a little bossy. If he doesn't get his own way he has started to have paddy's and make a huge fuss. It is not an every day occurrence but when it does occur it can get very tiring. At times it can get a little upsetting, however he is growing up... maybe he has hit his terrible 2's a few months early.  

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