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Maxwell is at the age now where he loves to explore the world around him. He has got many interests including drawing and crafts. Maxwell has always been the type to scribble on paper but I often worry about him as he grows older. Will he draw up my walls? Will he draw over my stuff? Will he make a mess? Thanks to TOMY this is no longer an issue and my mind can be at rest as they recently sent us some water based art toy products. We were sent 3 products from the Aquadoodle range, Jungle Magic Sounds, Mini Mats, and a Travel Drawing Bag.

TOMY state that Aquadoodle allows no mess drawing by using water to create fun pictures. There are no pencils, no paints and no crayons. The only thing which is used is water and when the water has dried, the water will fade from the pictures and you can start to colour in again as they are completely reusable.

Travel Drawing Bag
When travelling I always like to keep Maxwell entertained so when we were sent the Travel drawing bag from TOMY, I knew Maxwell was in for a lot of fun. The Travel bag is the perfect size to keep in the back of the car, in a changing bag or for your little one to carry with the bags nifty handle. It is brightly coloured and is padded so when drawing your child does not need to rest on anything. When the bag is opened it has 2 sides where your child can draw. The bag comes with a pen which can be stored in a little elasticated space within the bag, this space keeps the pen safe. Maxwell has really enjoyed using the bag out and about and even at home.

TOMY Jungle Magic Sounds Aquadoodle
The TOMY Jungle magic sounds is a large mat which allows your child to draw anything they like on it using a special pen, filled with water. The mat is large so your child can get as creative as they like. What makes the Jungle Magic Sounds Aquadooodle stand out from any other Aquadoodle products is that the pen also makes Jungle sounds and the mat has special spots that activate jungle sounds. If you press one of the sound spots with the Aquadoodle pen this activates a jungle sound. There is a snake sound, jungle drums, a tiger sound and a monkey sound.
Maxwell loved this product and although he isn't very good at drawing yet, he loves to scribble. He loved the animal sounds, especially the monkey and he has spent a lot of time using the mat. One of my main worries about this product was I was scared incase Maxwell managed to loose the pen for the mat.  The pen is battery operated unlike the pens for the travel bag and mini mats, however I have recently found out that additional pens can be purchased and they are not expensive to buy. This has been a huge hit in our household.

TOMY Mini Mats
TOMY mini mats are the perfect little back pack filler for keeping you children entertained on short journeys/visits. The mini mats come inside a packet and inside each packet there is a pen and 3 mats. 
Each mat in the packet has its own unique design. We were sent playtime mats and each mat of ours had a scene where children were playing and having fun. On the mat there were parts missing. The parts were highlighted in white and the lines around the missing part were quite thick and a little raised so your child knew where to colour in. The missing parts needed to be coloured in by your child so they could create the whole scene. The mats were the perfect toy aimed at Maxwell's age and I found that he really enjoyed scribbling and waiting for the magic of water to make the scene appear in full. I found the mini mats to be quite thin however I also found the travel bag to be the perfect thing to rest under the mats to make them more easier to colour in.

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review.
However we did receive the product for review purposes. Everything written in this post is my own, honest opinion.

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  1. Aww! Looks like he's enjoying that!!
    My girls both had the Aquadoodle sets and loved them :) x


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