Spooky Dip Halloween Game

For our Halloween Feature, we have come up with a fun game to entertain your guests! 
It's easy to make and most of the items you need to make the game are probably floating around your house. You can also pick some items up at stores which sell Halloween bits.

You will need:
A container - I choose a green plastic bin
Pasta - Different sizes
Search items -  Plastic spider, Key, Plastic eye, Bottle of fake blood, Feather, Plastic hand, Plastic leg, Plasticine monster, Plastic teeth
  1. Gather your items you are wanting to use form around your house, they can be found at a cheap bits and bob shop or a craft store.
  2. Type up a list of the items. Cut it out for your guests to identify objects easily.
  3. Grab your jar and fill it with pasta, then add a few of the items at a time. You can dig the items down or keep them near the top, you can make it as difficult as you like for your guests. 

This game can be fun for all ages and you can adjust the difficulty level for the ages that are playing. If you have a mixed lot of guests, you could always make 2 spooky Halloween games that would suit different ages! 

You could arrange prizes for the fastest person to find all the objects.

We hope this game provides you a lot of fun!

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