Sainsburys Halloween Costumes

I love dressing Maxwell up and this Halloween is not an exception! Maxwell and I were delighted when Sainsburys sent us out 2 of there spooky Halloween costumes for Maxwell to try this year. Having not ever tried Sainsburys Halloween range, we were really excited to see what the costumes looked like.

Sainsburys sent us over a toddler spider costume and a pumpkin costume. The spider costume was our favourite. The costume came with a hat, top and trousers. The costume comes in a red and black theme. The top is fun and features a spider with six stripy legs and on the top there is a happy-looking spider face on the front. I decided to put a black long sleeved t-shirt under the top of the costume to keep Maxwell warm as the top is a vest top.

The Pumpkin costume we were sent comes with just a top and trousers. The costume is a bright orange colour and a lot of fun. The costume has a pumpkin face on which is actually a pocket. The pocket allows your child to put there treats in when going trick or treating. Again the top is vest style so I simply added a orange top under the costume to keep Maxwell warm. If Maxwell was a little older I think it would be fun to paint Maxwell's face orange so he would look like a giant pumpkin.

The only issue I had with the costumes was the hat that came with the spider costume. It was a little large and kept going over Maxwell's eyes so in the end he did not wear it as it irritated him however overall we found the costumes to be fantastic.

Sainsburys costumes are brilliantly made. They are a low price which makes them affordable for all. Sainsburys cater for all the family and offer a large range of costumes.

For more Halloween costumes and Halloween ideas please visit Sainsburys website.

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