Post Pals Christmas Appeal

I know it is early to be talking about Christmas but Post Pals the charity are planning ahead and are looking for people to help with the Elf and Reindeer schemes this Christmas as they create lots of smiles for seriously ill children and there family, but they need YOUR help. Could you use your imagination, send a Christmas card or do a ‘shoe box’ full of smiles?

Maria is being the “Head Reindeer”. A Reindeer is someone who is assigned to a Pal and their siblings and sends 9 cards during the month of December, one from each reindeer, talking from the reindeers perspective i.e. talking about the sleigh getting full, getting ready for the big night, carrots being left out etc. It is not only fun for the children receiving the cards, but also for the volunteers getting to do imaginative writing.
If you would like to volunteer to be a reindeer please send an email to Maria at

Kim is being our “Head Elf”. She will assign an Elf (volunteer) to every child and the elf then gathers gifts up to the value of £15 and sends them in December. It is a little like the Christmas shoe box appeals we are all familiar with that get sent to other countries. Anyone of any age can be an elf, whether it’s little children picking gifts which they think someone their age would like, or adults who now have a good excuse to buy that pink fluffy present! Postpals like to assign 2 Elves to every child as in the past people have committed to being an Elf but then not sent anything (or let us know they couldn’t continue) so that means we have 240 volunteers to find! If you would like to volunteer to be an Elf please send an email to Kim at and include how many children you would like to be an Elf to, and any requirements i.e. a young girl. Postpals have a particular problem finding volunteers for teenage boys so if you would be happy to take one on please let Kim know.

You can of course send Christmas cards or gifts (of any size or value) to individual children by following the “5 Easy Steps” on the home page.

Many children rely on peoples generosity, it is Christmas so please spread as much love and happiness around as you possibly can. 

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