Pabobo Savanna Lumilove Lion Review

It was the night before Halloween and the house seemed cold and spooky. There was a thud and a thump and the lights flickered and went out, Maxwell screamed from under the covers. Was there a monster under the bed or was it the friendly ghost in the attic? Maxwell sat up sharply and took his new friend out from the pillow. His friend glowed with joy as he helped Maxwell identify the noise. Maxwell found a small box had fallen from his wardrobe and his box of plastic spiders had escaped! Pabobo Savanna had once again saved the day and made Maxwell feel safe.

With its moveable legs and arms, Lumilove lion will become your little one’s best friend and he will always be up for an adventure. If its day or night the Lumilove lion will be there for your little one. With 4 different designs there is something to suit everyone's taste.

The Lumilove lion lights up for up to 8 hours and changes through a variety of LED colours which make up  the colours of the rainbow. The Lumilove is fully rechargeable and comes with a separate charger which simply plugs into the bottom of the light. This is a great feature as it means I do not have to constantly visit the shops to get new batteries and I can simply charge the light from home which saves me not only money but time.

Children are able to use the Lumilove lion with ease as it come with a ‘tap on/tap off’ mode. This enables your child to choose their favourite colour by lightly tapping the lion. This feature could also help children later on in life to learn colours. This light could double up as a learning toy.

Overall Maxwell has made a great friend out of the Lumilove and we have enjoyed using it. We found the product to be 100% safe as it never got to hot when in use and it is built to last. It is a great product which has been designed to help children get a better nights sleep and even help them not be scared of the dark however I also think that it could help children with their development, especially when it comes to learning colours.

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review.
However we did receive the product for review purposes. Everything written in this post is my own, honest opinion.

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