Our Creative Pumpkins

Happy Halloween to Mummy To The Max readers!
 Here are mine and Maxwell's Creative Pumpkins!

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These pumpkins are easy to recreate. 

  1. Carve your Pumpkin, make sure a adult is around to help if you need it. Once carved remember to save the insides of the pumpkin to create the sick affect.
  2. Get a bin bag and lay it flat on the floor. Places the pumpkins insides which you have dug out of both pumpkins inside the pumpkin and out so it creates a sick affect.
  3. Insert a knife into the sick pumpkin and add a lot of food colouring to create the blood affect. 
  4. Get a box and place the 2nd carved pumpkin you have on it. A Halloween themed box is best. 
  5. Get a rubber glove and fill it with material. I used packaging material. Fill the glove up so it has a 3D affect and simply add some food colouring on it so it looks like blood.
  6. Place the second pumpkin on the box near the murdered pumpkin and add the glove carefully so it looks like the pumpkin has a hand. Ensure the hand looks like it is digging the knife into the murdered pumpkin.
  7. You have your creative Halloween pumpkin!


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