Miioon Swoopercape Review

This Halloween there is a hero to capture all those nasty spooky monsters... Say hello to Maxwell the superhero dressed up in his stylish silver Swoopercape.

Maxwell was sent has brand new Swoopercape from a company called Miioon that allows children to design their own clothes and accessories. The idea is simple but easy for your little ones to get involved in. Children are able to design clothing and accessories, choose colours, logos, characters and even wording. The website is safe and easy to use.

Here you are able to choose what item you would like to make.  We choose a Swoopercape.

Once choosing a Swoopercape, you are able to choose what shape you would like on the cape. We choose the circle which came up with a lightning design. 

You are able to go on to choose what colour you would like to make the logo on the back of your Swoopercape. We choose red. 

Finally you are able to choose what letter you would like on your Swoopercape. We choose M for Max.
Making the Swoppercape was easy and fun. It was great to spend some quality time with Maxwell doing a fun activity which would see his design in something he could wear. The process of making the Swoopercape was fairly quick and it was not time consuming.

Our Swoopercape came quickly, we waited just 3 days for its arrival and as soon as we got it we were impressed. The Swoopercape came with a matching mask and wrist bands for just £12.50 I thought the cape was a real bargain.

The Swoopercape can be used this Halloween, for fancy dress days at school or it can be used for imagery play. As one size fits all, it can be used as your child grows and even siblings could go on to use the Swoopercape.

Just in time for Christmas Miioon are offering customers the chance to pick up Miioon giftcards in Asda, you are also able to buy the gift cards online. I think Miioon is a perfect Christmas present as it will allow children to get creative as well as have fun with parents and siblings over the Christmas period. It is also a great present as there are many different ideas for children to choose form over at Miioon.

For more information please visit there website.

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review.
However we did receive the product for review purposes. Everything written in this post is my own, honest opinion.

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