How to save money and look after yourself

Permanent laser hair removal -  Switch to longer-lasting treatments and you’ll save yourself tons of money and time on beauty. Not only do I spend hours shaving my legs but I also spend a lot of money on using razors and hair removal cream to keep my body hair free which is not great when you are a busy Mum. One of the best ways to save money is to get laser hair treatment. Laser hair removal is a simple and effective way to keep your body free from hair.

Get free samples - The best way to find out what beauty products work best for you without having to spend a lot of money is to get free samples. Many company's offer fragrances, cosmetics, of shampoos to sample. You could make a trip to your local department store for make up samples and fragrance samples but you could also look in magazine and even in shops where sometimes you find people handing samples out. 

Buy on sale and in bulk - I often visit my local supermarket or chemist and find beauty products on sale. If I am after something particular I often check on websites to see the best price and even wait for it to go on offer.  When on offer or in the sale I like to stock up, this saves not only money but time as it means I do not have to go to a shop regularly to buy products.

Skip the salon - I have saved a lot of money over time by skipping the salon and going to places like collages where they do beauty and hairdressing courses and getting a free/cheap treatment. Many collage students need people to experiment on and complete there portfolio work, Most people doing this are just as qualified as any one working in a salon and if something is to go wrong there is someone always on hand to fix it for you.

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