Halloween Movie Favourites

A Halloween night is not a Halloween night without some spooky movies, so Maxwell and I decided to choose our favourite movies which have the extra scare factor! 
We have chosen our top 5 top favourites!

As a child I used to cry over E-T as I was terrified of him however although this film is a little spooky it is not going to put the ultimate scare factor on you on your Halloween night. 
This film is perfect for teaching people the value of friendship and it has some serious cute moments.

This film is great for children. The film keeps you on the edge of you seat throughout and the setting is something many children and even adults can relate too. There are a lot of giggles through out.
It shows a tale of bravery and friendship.

Casper was a film which came out when I was a child, it brings back a lot of memories. It is a Halloween classic which all children should watch. The setting is in a haunted mansion and the film is about a family who are being haunted.
There are a lot of moments which will make you jump however the film tells a fantastic adventure.

This film is one of my favourite Halloween films. It is a film that Maxwell enjoys.
The film is about monsters who go to a hotel to get away from humans. 
There are a lot of funny moments and the animation is great! The story is easy to follow and not only is this film fantastic for younger children it is also great for family's.

Although this is not a typical Halloween film, I am a huge fan! I relate monsters to Halloween and I have always found this is a must see around Halloween time. The film always makes me laugh and Maxwell loves the fun characters which are enjoyable to watch.

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