Bargain Hunting #24 - Halloween Edition

Make your own costume - If you think about how long a costume for Halloween is worn, it doesn't make sense to spend a lot of money especially on children's costume. The costume will normally be only worn once as your child will grow out of them by next year so why not make a costume yourself?
You could make your child a simple outfit by wrapping bandages round them and making the into a mummy or you could go the extra mile and make them a black tail - a stuffed sock full of newspaper, dress your child all in black and paint some whiskers on your child's face to make them into a cat. You could research the internet and come up with ideas but instead of spending £20+ on a outfit why not look into how to make one at home.

Don’t buy pumpkin carving templates or tools - You can download  free templates all over the internet  to create a unique face for your pumpkin this year. Last year I managed to create a spooky face by downloading a template and many people commented on how good it looked.  You also do not need the fancy knives or scoops in order to clean and create your pumpkin. You can just use the tools in your own kitchen. Last year we used a bread knife, a large spoon and a drill. I personally thing the most touches you put on a pumkin yourself, the more unique it will be. 

Shop ahead - Last year when all the Halloween stuff went on sale after Halloween I managed to pick a few bits up. Halloween decorations and even napkins and plates never go out of date so it is fantastic to buy and store when you are able to buy at a low price. Before Halloween also hits why not take a look over on eBay or a local selling site and see if anyone is selling anything Halloween related. Last week I saw someone selling lots of Halloween blow up figures as new for just £10, if bought new they would have cost over £40!

Make your own food - Buying Halloween themed food can be expensive, so why not make you own? You can buy trays of special Halloween cupcakes but if you were to make your own it would be much cheaper and a fun activity for your children to enjoy. There are many recipes online that people are happy to share with you, use some fun ideas and cook up a storm in the kitchen for a fraction of the shop price!

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