Bargain Hunting #23

This is our last week in our home before we move and I have been going around cleaning as much as I can so when we arrive in our new property, everything is clean, shiny and ready to use whilst making sure this property is left in a clean state. This week I have had to entertain Maxwell whilst packing which has been quite easy and has cost me very little money. I could have gone out and bought lots of expensive toys, but this week I thought I would simply use things from around the house.

Let your children help you pack This week Maxwell has been helping pack some of our personal belongings up. Even at a young age children are able to sort their toys and help you wrap objects in news paper or bubble wrap. Maxwell favourite activity was helping in the kitchen with the pots and pans and making as much noise as he could with a wooden spoon.

Moving boxes can be fun To keep Maxwell occupied this week I have been building Maxwell fun things out of the boxes that we are meant to be using for our move. I let Maxwell loose with some crayons and stickers and let him decorate the box. I also let him stack a few together and let him use them as a tunnel. Maxwell never gets board of boxes and the fun can only continue as children can have lots of imaginative ideas.

Highchair fun This week I have been placing Maxwell in his highchair and I have let him do lots of different activities as we move room to room. I found putting in a Maxwell highchair easier than letting him run wild and causing havoc. Maxwell managed to draw me lots of pretty pictures, using crayons which we found in our craft box, Maxwell also managed to watch a few short TV programmes which kept him entertained as well as making little objects out of play foam and playing with his small cards on his tray.

Having fun in the bath I have packed up half of the bathroom and given Maxwell's bath toys a good wash ready for the new house. This has left Maxwell with no bath toys to play with daily when he has his bath so this week we have been using our imagination and using day to day products to have fun in the bath. We used the bubble bath to make lots of bubbles, we used plastic plates and bowls which we are yet to pack to float along in the bath and use them to make races, we used plastic old cups to pierce holes through to make a pretty waterfall. Everyday has been different and long shall it continue.        


  1. Some handy tips there, good luck with the house move.

  2. Hope you have lots of fun and laughter in your new home

  3. So pleased you're moving soon!! Good Luck xxx

  4. great tips, sometimes I think oh yer thats a great idea why didn't i think of that

  5. Fab advice, good luck with moving. (May take some tips for when we move next month!)

  6. great tips!!



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