Apple Halloween Monster

Maxwell is a huge fan of food and loves to eat anything, however this Halloween I thought I would make him something special and creative. I came up with the idea of making a "Halloween Monster" for him.

You will need:
Large Marshmallows
Red Food Colouring
Sweetie Teeth
  1. Cut your apple in half's around the core, I used the larger sides to get a wider area to work with.
  2. Cut one of your apple pieces bottoms off so it sits flat when on a surface.
  3. Place the 2 pieces of apple together by using skewers.
  4. Get 2 large marshmallows and attach these on top of the skewers, push 2 raisins into the marshmallows to make the eyes. 
  5. Use the end of a skewer and decorate the apple and the eyes with with red food colouring.
  6. Add smarties in the apple to make a funky looking affect and add the teeth/fangs to complete your Halloween Monster.

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