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Are you feeling tired and in need of a boast?
Lacking energy or motivation?

Whilst pregnant with Maxwell I felt very tired all the time. I had no energy and all I wanted to do was sit down or sleep. I went on a routine trip to my midwife and asked her why I was feeling like this and after a few test I was told I was suffering with low iron levels.

Iron is an essential mineral for the human body and is required to transport oxygen around the body to ensure vitality and energy release. I was advised by my midwife at the time to improve my diet and add things such as spinach and broccoli which have high iron levels or use Spatone Apple. 

Spatone Apple is a liquid iron supplement with natural Spatone spa water which is sourced from the Welsh mountains and has had added Vitamin C to aid the iron absorption. It is great tasting and can be drunk on its own or added to a drink to make a fruitier drink. The sachets that the Spatone comes in are very tiny and you are able to take them anywhere. 

After a week of using the Spatone Apple I was feeling much more energetic and less tired. Since I have given birth to Maxwell I have continued to use Spatone and have seen what a difference it has made to me. I am no longer tired however I am much more happy and more alert and ready for the day ahead each day.

Spatone Apple is available from Boots priced £9.95 for 28 sachets (4 weeks supply). For more info visit

Spatone have kindly allowed me to run a competition on Mummy To The Max. One of our readers will win a fantastic prize of a 3 month’s supply of Spatone Apple.

Please use the rafflecopter form to enter and good luck!

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