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Sleepless nights costing UK economy more than £600 million 
- Birmingham is the capital of sleep-related absence

Sleep-deprived workers take six million sick days a year with the cost to the UK economy
£611 million, a new study has revealed.
One in five (19%) admitted they had taken a sickie because of a bad night's sleep,
according to the survey of 2,044 people by Silentnight.

Only 13% said they slept peacefully while those kept awake blamed the thought of having
to get up early the next day (32%), money worries (26%) and a stressful day at work

Almost a fifth (19%) said that arguing with a loved one regularly affected their bed time.

More women (20%) than men (16%) miss work due to sleepless nights with Birmingham
the worst place in the UK for sleep-related absences, followed by Glasgow and Liverpool.

Unsurprisingly, one-sixth of workers choose to catch up on sleep while travelling on public
transport but 7% admitted to falling asleep while at their desk and 4% during a meeting.

The study also revealed how almost half of people (44%) never enjoy a lie-in - even at
weekends - with most lie-ins lasting less than 30 minutes.

Over three quarters (79%) of those surveyed admitted to experiencing personal sleep
issues, with the most common problems being snoring (51%), excessive sweating (41%)
and sleep talking (30%).

Problems caused by a lack of sleep included decreased concentration levels (31%), bad
health (28%), grumpiness towards partners (21%) and arguments at home (11%).

Dr Nerina Ramlakhan, Silentnight’s sleep expert and a sleep therapist at Capio Nightingale
Hospital, said: “Sleep is crucial to our health and well-being and it is clear from the
findings that lack of quality sleep is making a real impact on people’s lives - from absence
from work, decreased concentration levels and arguments in the home.

“A few simple steps can make a huge difference to getting a good night’s sleep.
Switching off from work and social media channels an hour before bed, taking the time to
unwind, eating a balanced diet and making sure that our sleep environment is as tranquil
as possible are all positive steps in the right direction.

“This is why I have joined forces with Silentnight to launch its first online Sleep Clinic. I will
be providing personalised sleep plans for ten recruits suffering from everyday sleep
issues. The Sleep Clinic is aimed at educating people across the UK that a few simple
techniques can help the nation get a great night’s sleep every night.”

Working with resident sleep expert, Dr Nerina, Silentnight is searching for ten people with
everyday sleep issues to take part in a four week Sleep Clinic.

Each participant will receive a personalised sleep plan from Dr Nerina, a Silentnight bed,
tailored to their specific sleep issue, and asked to provide feedback about their
experiences via weekly video diaries hosted on the Silentnight website. All of the
information and sleep plans will also be available for people to follow along at home.

Nick Booth, Marketing Director at Silentnight, said: “From our partnership with Dr Nerina,
to the research and development that we invest into our product range, at Silentnight we
are dedicated to helping the nation get a great night’s sleep.”

For more information and to take part in the Silentnight Sleep Clinic please visit

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this.
All Information was provided to me by Silentnight. 

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