Johnson's Baby Easy-rinse Foaming Shampoo challenge

Recently Johnson's got in touch to ask would we like to take part in their Johnson’s Baby Easy Rinse Foaming Shampoo hair washing Challenge. To complete the challenge we were sent a bottle of shampoo, a cute frog mirror, some bright wall stickers and an easy to pour jug.

The new Johnsons shampoo has been developed so bathing is fun instead of the nightmare it can become. The new shampoo has a easy to use pump foam shampoo which ensures that only a small amount of shampoo comes out when pumping it onto your hand. This ensures that children are able to wash their own hair with ease instead of relying on parents doing it for them.

Challenge 1 - DIY Fun Factor Maxwell always enjoys having baths but I knew he would enjoy it even more thanks to Johnsons. Maxwell needed to squirt a small amount of shampoo into his hands for this challenge, ready to rub it into his own hair. He did have a little trouble due to his hands being a little wet and his hands skippering about but with a little help from Mummy we managed to complete the challenge.

Challenge 2 - Funky Foam FunWe sat the frog mirror on the edge of the bath so Maxwell was able to see himself in it. This challenge was to make a funky hair style but down to the fact that Maxwell only has a little hair he was only able to spike it up. Maxwell enjoyed rubbing the shampoo into his hair and I was happy to see that it didn't run into his little eyes. Due to the foam sticking well to his hands we found that no shampoo was wasted in the transition from his hands to his head.

Challenge 3 - Rinse Ease
The last step of the challenge was for Maxwell to rinse the foam out of his hair. Maxwell found this challenge the hardest as he found the jug was quite heavy when full and he was unable to tip it over his own head. In the end it was left to me to help him remove the foam out of his hair. With light conditioning ingredients, the easy‐rinse formula in the Johnson’s Baby Shampoo washes out quickly and easily.

As a parent I was really impressed with the new Johnson's shampoo. It smelt lovely, it was easy to use and even for younger children it is a useful learning tool to help children learn how to wash their own hair. We had great fun completing this challenge and I know Maxwell will continue to wash his hair and learn eventually the last step of learning how to rinse the shampoo out of his hair.

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review.
However we did receive the product for review purposes. Everything written in this post is my own, honest opinion.

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