Having Our Own House

Currently we rent our house and we have lived here for over a year however our landlady has decided to sell up which means we are left without a home. Its a horrid process and I can honestly say it is one of the most stressful time's in my life. One day I would love to own my own home so I always have the knowledge of knowing I will never have to move and live in fear that my rented home will be sold and we will have to find somewhere new to live.

The moving process when living in rented accommodation is extremely expensive. We have had to find deposit money, pay admin fees, pay our rent upfront and even pay for things such as vans for the move. Our new home is a new referb and does not have much in except the basics, which means we will have to also pay for things such as curtains and lampshades which can also cost a lot.

When Maxwell is older I can not wait to go back to work full time and get a good income so Ben and I are able to afford our own home. It would take a few years for us to save money so we could get a mortgage but it would be worth it just to know we had a home and it was ours.

I have not really thought about where I would like to move to if I had the opportunity to have my own home however I think as a family we would like to stay in our local area which is the New Forest. I love to see what is on the market and recently I have been keeping a eye out on country houses for sale. Although I don't think we could afford something so beautiful and expensive, I can dream and maybe it will become a reality if I won the lottery.

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