Bargain Hunting #22

We are getting on well with our packing for our move and we move to our new house next month It has been stressful and tiring work however the whole way through I have found ways to save money which has helped us be able to buy some nice things when we move into our new place.

When you are moving house you have the opportunity to see everything that has been placed in your house. Whilst I packed I sorted through stuff I needed and didn't need. I had 1 rubbish pile, 1 keep pile and 1 charity pile. Rubbish went into the bin, keep stuff was carefully boxed up and I ensured it was clean before packing and charity was put in a bag or taken to the charity shop. I also managed to sell a few things I found along the way which helped us pay for new things we needed for our new home.

Compare removal hires/van hire
When we looked at moving our belongings we found for us it would be cheaper to hire a van simply because we were only moving up the road. I checked all the websites and compared the price before I decided what company to use. I also looked for discount codes to use to help save a little bit more money.

Instead of buying expensive boxes for places such as storage companies to move why not visit your local supermarket and see what boxes they can give you? I found the best time of day to do this was the evening as they were restocking the shelves. The boxes are free and all you need is some packaging tape. For 5 small moving boxes we found they where £10 a pack. We have used over 20 boxes and we have not finished packing yet so we have saved a fortune by asking for boxes at the supermarket. 

Do your own cleaning
We are leaving the house in a clean and tidy condition ready for the next people to move in. I cleaned as I went which not only saved me time but also money as I cleaned the whole place myself and I do not have to get any one to do it. If you can try and hire a machine to clean things such as carpets and clean them yourselves, hiring a machine will be half the price of getting someone in to clean the carpets for you.

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