Baby Annabell's Little Brother Review

Since Maxwell was small I always wondered what toys he would enjoy later on in his life. He has always shown an interest in his "boy" toys such as ball's, trains and cars however I have always been happy for Maxwell to explore further than just "boy" toys. I hate the world which we live in where everything is gender specific.

Maxwell was recently sent a Baby Annabell little brother doll by Zapf Creation. I knew as soon as I saw the doll it would bring Maxwell's caring side out and he would love the doll and treat it nicely.

The doll we were sent is the newest version and not the old tradition style doll I remember playing with many moons ago. You are able to buy the doll as Annabell's brother or you can buy it as Annabell herself. Each doll comes with a baby's bottle as well as a dummy which includes a muslin square on it. The doll is very life like and would be perfect for a child expecting a brother or sister as the doll can teach children many skills.

Using the doll is very easy and at the age of 21 months Maxwell is able to understand how to use the doll. When using the accessories, the doll can make sucking noises if the bottle is placed in its mouth, burp if you pat its back, giggle and laugh if you play with the its tummy and makes sucking noises if his dummy is placed in its mouth. One of the key feature's which I loved was if you fill the bottle up with water the dolly will drink it and the water is used to make tears when the baby cries you are then able to use the muslin square on the dummy to wipe the tears away.

The doll has been cleverly made and many things have been thought about including the power shut off. You are able to either manually turn the doll on and off but if the doll stays inactive for a while after use it cuts itself off.

Overall Maxwell was impressed with the doll however the only thing as a parent I would change is that the doll came with batteries. I found myself hunting the house for some batteries and in the end had to wait a day before I could go to the shops to purchase some to use in the doll however this is not a huge worry and does not affect the use of the doll.

I intend on buying Maxwell a pushchair so he is able to push his doll around in, however for now Maxwell is able to take his doll on trips out and is able to play with him around the house.

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review.
However we did receive the product for review purposes. Everything written in this post is my own, honest opinion.

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