2 Weeks Of Learning And New Experiences

  1. Maxwell has learnt to sing
  2. Maxwell is signed up to play football
  3. Maxwell is excited about the new house
  4. Maxwell has learnt to eat with a fork (nearly)
  5. Maxwell has been busy doing good turns
Maxwell loves to sit down with us and watch the replays of the X factor on a Saturday and Sunday. He loves to dance to the people singing even if they are bad but he has recently been singing along with people who love to hit the high notes. In a few decades time, you may see Maxwell hitting your screens as the next Justin Beieber.

I have been keen to take Maxwell to more activities as he doesn't get to go to a lot. I found that at a local children's group they have a group called Saints Tots and I have asked if Maxwell is able to join, the term after his birthday. Saints Tots is a group for toddlers to learn how to play football and I think Maxwell would benefit from going, not only to mix with children but also to have fun and learn some skills.

Maxwell has been helping me this week choose housey bits for our new house. Maxwell has a Disney cars room and at first I did question weather to change the whole room however after some thought I thought it would be best to leave the room as it is and get a few more accessories to make his room extra special. I am looking to buy him a new book case, some more storage so he can store things such as his train track and I am looking to buy him some new bedding.

This week I have been encouraging Maxwell to eat with a fork and he is nearly there. If Maxwell was able to eat with a fork, I think it would encourage him to eat more food. He has recently got the hang of eating with a spoon and eats things like yoghurt's and rice pudding confidently.

Over the last few weeks we have been clearing the house ready for the move and Maxwell has been doing some good turns. He donated a large bag of bibs to one of my old friends and he donated 4 black bin bags of toys to one of Ben's friends who is expecting their first baby. We have also been writing cards to our Post Pal friends and with Maxwell's help we have donated a few bags of old clothes to charity.

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