My 99p Summer - #my99psummer

This summer the 99p store have been running a competition for bloggers. Each blogger was given £10 worth of vouchers to buy 10 products with and the bloggers were asked to share what products they bought and how they managed to have fun using them this summer. Maxwell and I decided to join in with the competition and show our readers how much fun they can have with just £10.

I bought:

Bath Time Fun
Johnsons Baby powder - Branded baby powder. A brand which can be trusted. 
Johnsons Baby Bath - Branded baby bath. A brand which can be trusted.
Baby Bath Crayons - A pack of 6 Crayons, all in different colours, less than 20p a crayon.
Baby Bath Toy - A sieve toy to be used in the bath. Came with 3 plastic toys which can float around in the bath and be captured using the sieve. 

Craft Items
Gem Stone Stickers - Lots of stickers. All paper backed so they can not stick anywhere. Eye-catching and shiny. 
Glitter Shakers - A pack of 6. All in separate containers and different colours. Brilliant value.
Animal Print Card - The animal print card came in a pack of 20. The card was all different designs and there were also some animal shapes. 

Toy Cars - A pack of 3 small cars. Different colours but all the same design. A cheap little toy to keep Maxwell entertained. 
Bubbles - A pack of 2 bubble wands. Small packs but lots of bubble fun can be made.

Fruitshoots - A pack of 4. A treat for Maxwell which will keep him hydrated in the summer weather. 

My idea to make Maxwell have a wonderful summer was to use my imagination. All the bits I bought could be used singly in the bath, around the house and doing crafts however I also came up with the idea of using the items in sensory play so we got 2 uses out of them which is even greater value for money than just one use.

My First Idea
I used a old tray, the baby powder and the bath toys which I bought from 99p store to make a fun afternoon with Maxwell. The bath toy included a fun sieve and some plastic shaped animals. Maxwell enjoyed using the sieve to sieve the baby powder and he enjoyed making shapes in the baby powder with the animals. Maxwell also used the toy cars to make fun tracks in the powder.

My Second Idea
On a separate afternoon we used the baby powder which I had stored away in a plastic tub along with the tray and used the animal card and the gem stone stickers to make a game. The animal card came in animal shapes and Maxwell enjoyed burying these in the powder and then digging them out. He then placed the gem stone stickers which had protective backs, so they did not stick to anything in the powder and used the bath toy sieve to find them.

My Third Idea
When it was hot Maxwell and I went outside with a old plastic tub. We filled the plastic tub up with water and used the baby bubble bath to make lots of bubbles in the water. We then decided to sprinkle glitter in the tub and place the animals out of the bath toy in the tub. Maxwell then fished these out with the sieve. Maxwell enjoyed using the tub to draw on with his baby crayons and afterwards we blew bubbles around the garden. After all the fun we had, Maxwell needed to sit down in the garden and enjoy a fruitshoot.

As many of my readers know I love a bargain and the 99p store has helped us create memories and taught us to have a lot of fun this summer. They have also helped me use my imagination and have shown me that things have more uses than just one!
There is something suitable for everyone in the 99p store and I love the wide range of things they have to offer. If you are on a tight budget or you are just looking to save a few pennies I would reccomend the 99p store.

We were given £10 to spend in the 99p Stores and this is also an entry to win an ipad.


  1. Goes to show that you can get a lot for a tenner and have fun with it too! Great idea with the sensory play, i really should do more of that with Amelia


  2. I love a good bargain! I've heard a lot about sensory play. Really should do some with C!


  3. Baby Bath Crayons are such fun. Amazed you can get them for just 99p. Such excellent value for money as the kids get so much enjoyment out of using them.

  4. Great ideas! Amazing what you can do with not much money but loads of imagination!


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