Bargain Hunting #20

If you want to buy something online or are wanting to sign up to a service, rather than going directly through the website you are able to go through Top Cashback
Top Cashback is a simple service which helps you earn money whilst you shop. To use Top Cashback you simply need to make a account and wait until you are wanting to spend some money. When you decide you need something you simply log on to Top Cashback and search for the online retailer you want to buy from. If the company is listed, you are able to click and see what offers they may have. The offers range from a sum of money to a percentage of the money which you are going to spend on the site.
Once you have visited the site, the cashback is then tracked. The cashback then has to be approved by someone and the cashback will go into your account where you are able to swap it for money, vouchers or Tesco Clubcard points. 

Positive things about Top Cashback:
  • The use of the site is free. Some cashback sites charge a annual amount meaning if you don't manage to cash much money in, you will find you are not making any money annually. 
  • There are many options to cash out your money you have earned. You are able to get Love2Shop vouchers, Amazon Vouchers, Tesco Clubcard Vouchers, Paypal and Bank Transfer.
  • If you choose to cash out your money with vouchers you earn 5% extra.
  • You are able to do free things to earn money - This year I have made £10 by doing free offers which pay.
  • Topcashback now lets you trade in every £10 of cashback for 1,050 Tesco Clubcard points. This equals £10.50 to spend in in-store, but up to £42 in Tesco Rewards.
  • You are now able to earn money whilst out due to the Top Cashback phone app via snap and save.
Negative things about Top Cashback:
  • Some free cashback options only let you pay out via bank transfer rather than a voucher form.
  • Some other cashback sites offer better deals
  • Some cashback offers can take a while to process.
Online Cashback
If you sign up via my link I will earn £10.00 for each new member referred

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