Bargain Hunting #19

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The holidays are nearly over and many children will be going back to school soon however if you have not managed to get your little one all there back to school stuff yet, I have some helpful ideas which will help you save money.

Set a budget - Before you even go and buy items, stick to a budget. Keep in your mind what that budget is and work around the budget. Why not include your children in this and explain if you both manage to stick to the budget and spend less then you will split the remaining money with them so they can buy themselves a small treat.

Stick to a list – Write down everything you need and don’t veer from this list. You may be tempted to buy extras or give into children's demands however do they really need it and can you really afford it? Stick to your list and shop around for the best deals.

Check your house - Before you hit the shops check that you don't have items that can be used from the year before. There may be some new pens and pencils tucked in the back draw that didn't get used last year, use those before buying new. If the old school kit still fits why not use it until they have grown out of it before buying new.

Shop the sales - Check online and high-street sales. You can save money on pretty much anything these days from lunch boxes to winter coats see if you are able to find things cheaper. Always look out for discount codes/vouchers when shopping as this can help save more money and buy stationary in bulk as it is something they will need all year.

Trawl charity shops and pre loved sites – you can often find uniform/back to school bits on there. Just because its second hand doesn't mean its rubbish. A lot of things people sale are as good as new and sometimes things can even be new.

Supermarkets - Supermarkets are often tripping over themselves at this time of year with cheap uniform deals and BOGOFs. They try and compete against each other and try and offer the cheapest price. Compare prices on the net before going on a trip to save fuel. If you find a bargain – buy the next size up too so you will save money when your child grows.

Spend a day getting funky - Buy plain items which will be cheaper than character/branded stuff and jazz it up using stickers, glitter glue, badges and even iron on badges which can be used on clothing/fabric bags. This will be a fun activity for your children and show you their creative side.

Label Items - Label all your children's belonging so they do not get lost. If your child keeps managing to loose their belongings this is going to end up making you spend a lot of money. Teach your children to look after their items and if they do go missing, make sure they are easy to identify by placing a simple label on them.

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