Katie Hopkins Vile Views….

Dear Katie,

Last week whilst sitting down enjoying my peaceful, happy, sunny, relaxful day I had to put up with you on my TV screen. I could have turned over and ignored your judgemental comments about childrens name's which shocked so many people, but I carried on watching you and now all I have to say is I pity you. 

For anyone who did not see Katie's claim to fame once again after her apprentice debut and other this morning talks here she is again craving attention and wanting her to make her name sparkle in little flashy lights have a watch:

After watching your silly comments I find it hard to see why you have to be so judgemental about people.
Do you get a kick out of it? Do you enjoy making people upset? Do you do things just for a reaction?
Are you seriously so fame hungry you have to stir issues up? My answer to it all is, your just a bully.

When falling pregnant, I found it hard to pick a name for the little person who was growing inside me. I found it hard finding a name which would be unique that not every child would have. I found it hard to pick a name which would suit my childs personality. I found it hard to pick a name which would grow with this little person as they grew of age in life.

It was mine and my partners choice to call my son Maxwell, just like its another parents right and choice to call their child Tyler, Charmaine and Kye. Not for one second did I ever expect anyone not to like my child as they didn't like his name. I would never stop my son being friends with someone because I simply disapproved of their name. I believe in giving people chances in life and I believe later on in life my son will make his own decisions and I trust they will be right when it comes to picking his own set of friends. Our sons share the same name (nearly) but that is all I have in common with you!

What really shocked me this week was finding out your problem with ginger people.

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You said on The Wright Stuff on Channel 5 that the first question you asked when your child was born was ‘Is he ginger?’ rather than asking if he was OK or if you could see him? As a parent I think this is disgusting. If he was ginger what would you do? Not love him? Send him away? Dye his hair?

I grew up with negative comments as yes I am ginger - how incredibly awful. I was bullied in the playground, bullied out of school and called nasty names which made me feel bad about myself, but guess what I am ginger and proud and no one will ever take that away from me. I would never consider dying my hair to make someone like you happy! I would never consider the fact I would go unloved because of this.

I am pretty sure my Mum never found it hard to love me or my Dad, but why would they... its the colour of someone's hair. My son has fair hair, he could be ginger but does that mean I would not love him? I would never question my love for him over something so stupid. I would continue to love him as he has a beautiful sole, a beautiful exterior and he is my child and I am proud of him.

What makes me angry is people like you, you won't run your mouth about people's race or someone's disability which would make thousands angry however you are happy to sit down and say about someones hair and someones name and what really makes me laugh is its about children and babies. Innocent children and babies who have not done anything to you! Would you say anything mean about your "solicitor friends" or your beautiful children - one who is called India may I mention but you hate geographical names?

How do you think your views are making your children? Will they be turning into bullies like yourself because of your nasty views? What are you teaching them? I am sure that your children are going to grow up unpopular,judgmental and will be known as bullies if they follow your ways but at least they won’t be ginger and they will be "loved" by you.

I really hope you do change your ways, but I doubt you will. I find it hard to believe you are allowed to be on TV and I think TV bosses should be setting a better example and not letting you on there so you are unable to spread your horrid little views so publicly

I hope your "claim to fame" kicks you in the teeth and karma really does serve you one day.

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  1. I can't stand her. I think this is all one big ploy to get attention and get into the limelight on al the tv stations.


  2. She is nothing but a vile bully I wouldn't even give her my time of day! The thing is she's judging everyones parenting due to the name of a child which doesn't make them child who they are. She should look at her own parenting skills before judging others the way shes bringing her kids up is wrong with her views her kids are either going to fall victims to bullying or bully themselves and bullying is wrong on so many levels. She should keep her opinions to herself do herself and her kids some favours and crawl under a rock.

    From a unsnobby, non-judging respectful and non-bullying katie. X

    p.s isn't this coming from a woman who got caught in a field with someones husband or something?

  3. completely agree with everything your say! I was going to blog about it to but I just got too cross! If you read her wiki page (yes she has one!!) it says shes had affairs. To me that is much much worse than calling your child Tyler!

  4. She's awful! I think if you are perfect, then you can judge and criticise others. Oh, wait, no-one is perfect so no-one should be judging...x



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