A Week Of Learning And New Experiences

  1.  Maxwell has been enjoying more foods
  2. Maxwell has a new friend
  3. Maxwell has become mischievous
  4. Maxwell is showing a interest in TV programmes
  5. Maxwell has started to make collections
As many of our readers know, Maxwell has been off his food a little. Maxwell only enjoys eating his food if he is able to feed himself, however this week he has shown a little interest in eating other food such as pasta, sausages and chicken pieces. Maxwell wants to eat with a spoon but finds it hard so I am hoping he will learn soon so he can be more adventurous with his food whilst feeding himself. He eats a lot of salad and his favourite salad to eat is cucumber and pepper which he eats every day.

Maxwell went to A. Rachels BBQ this weekend and he met a little friend called Zoe. Maxwell liked Zoe and they spent all day running around with each other and played with each other. It was lovely to see! Maxwell was well behaved and shared his toys well throughout the day.

Maxwell has become very mischievous! Yesterday he managed to break my curtain track as he decided he wanted to wrap himself up in the curtain after I told him NO and today he decided he would try and throw his belongings out the window. Although he can not reach the window, he managed to aim his cup and throw it. I caught him in this terrible act and managed to stop him, nothing was harmed!

Maxwell has started showing a interest in watching children's TV programmes. Normally he is full of energy and does not sit down and enjoys running around and playing, however he has shown a keen interest in Cbeebies and I get around 40 mins quiet time a day.

Maxwell has started to make "collections". He likes to put certain things in a place and leave them all there. He so far has a collection of Playmobil people, DVD cases and cars.  I am always interested to see what his next collection shall be. 

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  1. Sara (my daughter) has the exact has the exact tent! where did you get yours from? Great blog btw

    1. Hiya, We reviewed ours on the blog. Garden Games sent us it to review! It is fantastic and has given my little boy lots of fun! x


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