Revelation Zygo Animal Print 2 Wheel Cabin Suitcase Review

When I was preparing for Britmums Live I found I had a problem, the problem being I did not have a suitcase to take to London with me. I searched high and low for something that was small, fashionable and something that was practical for me to get on and off of trains and tubes with but I could not find anything. Luckily Revelation by Antler came to my rescue and provided me with a Revelation Zygo Animal Print 2 Wheel Cabin Suitcase which fitted all the categories I needed it for.

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The Revelation Zygo Animal Print 2 Wheel Cabin Suitcase comes in either a snow leopard design or a golden leopard design. It features a locking trolley system for easy travelling and control and has a tough ABS construction to provide strength. The case is quite small at 55 x 35 x 20 cm but I managed to fit 3 days worth of clothes as well as 4 pairs of shoes in my case. The case I was sent retails at just £60.

Positives about the suitcase:
  • The suitcase is lightweight weighing just 2.7 kg without having anything in it. This definitely helped me travel with ease as it would have been a nightmare having to carry heavy loads of clothes as well as having a heavy suitcase on public transport.
  • The suitcase has a nice mesh design in the lid. I kept my shoes in this so they were separate from everything else in my suitcase. 
  • There was a lock which was attached to the case. This made me feel like my stuff was safer when traveling in London. I had a 3 number password and I was able to change the password with ease. 
  • The suitcase is fashionable and stands out, If you were at a airport you would be able to identify your case easily as it has a unique design.
  • The case has an internal pocket which can separate your clothes from your toiletries if you choose to. This made me feel confident that my stuff in the case would not get damaged say if something was to leak.
  • The suitcase comes with a 5 year warranty which makes me feel that the suitcase was built to last. 
  • The suitcase can carry quite a lot considering its size. It has a packing capacity of 30 ltr.
Mummy To The Max, Blog, Parenting, Mummy Blog

Negatives about the suitcase:
  • I found the lining of the suitcase got stuck in the zip at times. This panicked me a little as I had to push open the suitcase with force and I was scared the zip on the suitcase may break. 
  • I think the suitcase would benefit from having a small handle on the side so it is easy to pick up instead of having to pick it up with the handle at the top of the case. 
Overall I was really impressed with the suitcase. It traveled around London well with me. It ventured on the train, tube, taxi and walked with me and I had no major issues. 
I loved the design of the suitcase and I was impressed how much I managed to fit inside it. The quality of the product is good and I like the fact it comes with a 5 year warranty.
I would definitely reccomend this suitcase to people wanting to get away for a few days. 

Mummy To The Max, Blog, Parenting, Mummy Blog

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review.
However we did receive the product for review purposes. Everything written in this post is my own, honest opinion.

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  1. I'm often having to borrow a suitcase if I go anywhere as I tend to think I don't go anywhere often enough. We have a few holidays coming up this year though (one that I won, would you believe?) & also are starting to visit my OH's auntie in London more often - we live in Wales. So we almost certainly need to get a couple of our own - you've pointed me in a good direction I think! Excellent review Helen :)


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