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This week I was browsing Facebook and something caught my eye, a amazing charity called Post Pals. I felt I needed to spread the word about this charity and I thought I would appeal directly to my readers for help.

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What is Post Pals?

Post Pals is a charity which invites members of the public to send cards, letters and little gifts to seriously ill children and their siblings to make them smile and feel less isolated.
Post Pals sends cheerful post throughout the year too and arranges the occasional day out or wish grant known as “Extra Smiles” as well as hosting an annual party for all Post Pal families and supporters.

How can i help?

There are lots of ways to help which are detailed on their website but most new volunteers follow the “5 easy steps”

1) Click on ‘Find Pals
2) Read each child’s page
3) Send a cheerful card, letter, email, or little gift to the address on their page
4) Report post sent on our stats page (coming soon)
5) Sit back and know that a child is smiling because of you.

This week Maxwell and I have already managed to send 2 letters and 2 parcels.  It took minutes. 
The gifts do not have to be expensive, they can be anything which you think the children will enjoy and you can write the children anything from funny story's to a short postcard whilst you are on holiday. Please bear in mind there are a few things that Post Pals ask not to be sent/said

You can also help by....

Collecting Stamps. We are looking for people to spread this message loud and clear, to businesses, to family homes and even schools! Postpals need used stamps. They sell used stamps on Ebay and have recently made over £200 thanks to people donating something they would normally throw away. This money will go a long way to helping a family smile. 
If you have stamps that you would like to send to a amazing cause please drop me a email - and I will send you the address you need to send them to!

Post Pals - Putting a Smile on Childrens Faces

Please take a look over at Post Pals website and help in anyway you can. 
Any guesture big or small will go a long way. 

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