Happy Blogiversary!

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In the blogging world, new bloggers often celebrate their one year anniversary of blogging by acknowledging it as their “blogiversary.” Today is my blogiversary.

A year ago I wrote my first blog post introducing my family, Maxwell was just 6 months old. Maxwell is now 18 months old and I feel our blog has developed. I am thankful for the amazing opportunities we have had along the way and I am equally proud that I have had so many people to share my journey with and that people have actually taken the time to sit down and read my blog.

I never expected to achieve some of the things I have achieved and I mainly have the wonderful companies I have worked with this year to thank.

This weekend I spent my time at Britmums. I met many bloggers and I learnt so many new things. I had a fantastic time and it will be an experience I shall never forget. I have the Media Yeti team to thank as well as my amazing sponsors - Silentnight. Thank you for believing in me.

Maxwell and I are proud to announce we are official TOMY bloggers. We are looking forward to reviewing some great toys. We can not wait to show you written reviews, pictures and video reviews. Thank you TOMY for putting your trust into us.

This weekend I reached 2,000 followers on Twitter, maybe next year I can have as many followers as Justin Beiber? 

I have had over 54,000 page views from people all around the world! What do they read about on here?

I would like to say thank you to my family and my "online" friends. You have showed us continuous support. When things have got a little tough you have told me to carry on, without you I may have not.

Finally I would like to say a huge thank you to my readers. If you didn't read, or did not post comments, I may not take the time to write this blog. To say thank you, I will be following this post with 2 fantastic giveaways!

"Having a blog is hard.... The time that goes into it, the sleepless night's and the time you spend thinking of ideas however I would not change my time writing Mummy To The Max for the world. Its a part of me, its a part of Maxwell, its part of us."

To another year! Thank you all!

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