Bargain Hunting #14

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Has anyone noticed the date today?? Its under 6 months until Christmas!!!

Since the 1st of January I have to admit I have been preparing for Christmas and I have got so much already.

This year I have plans, my plans are:
  • Save competition wins to give away as presents
  • Complete surveys and forms and gain as many Amazon vouchers as possible
  • Join every reward club that is going and gain as many rewards/points as possible
  • Save as many coupons as possible to make my Christmas shop as low as possible
  • Not spend a penny!
In January I managed to purchase a Christmas tree, it was a bargain and I didn't want to have a tiny Christmas tree like we did last year, it cost £7 and is very large. I found buying it in January made it extremely cheap... I will not be spending £50 on a tree this year. 

I have been saving as many competition prizes as I possibly can. Instead of giving prizes away to family, I have been saving as many as possible and have been putting them in my Christmas wardrobe. My family so far only have little odd bits however I have already got a lot of bits for Maxwell which range from DVDS to wooden toys.

Mummy Blog, Mummy To The Max, Parenting Blog,

Now and again I do surveys but most nights I sit down and fill in forms for companies. I normally am given 50p a form and get 2-3 a day which helps me save a lot of ££ towards my Christmas fund. So far I have managed to save over £40 in my amazon account, I have also managed to buy Maxwell many things using my amazon vouchers.

This year I have made sure I have joined as many reward clubs as possible. My favorite clubs include Tesco club card, Nectar and Boots. I especially love nectar as I am able to do surveys and watch videos to gain extra points. So far I have managed to accumulate £7.50... free money = free Christmas.

I am planning to save as many coupons as I can for the Christmas shop. Last year we spent the same amount as we normally spend in a week however we got no extras or "luxuries". I am hoping this will change this year and we will eat like royalty and pay a tiny price. 

My aim for Christmas 2013 is not to spend a penny!!


  1. Some good ideas there. I joined quidco and topcashback. now when I buy something that accumulates cash back I transfer the points to my tesco club card (they actually give you a bit more cashback for doing that) and will use those points during the Christmas club card exchange where they will be worth double! So far I had £29 with Tesco already and now £40 cash back so as it stands it's £138 in vouchers.

    What surveys do you do for amazon & nectar? I need more ideas!

    Well done on your savings so far :-)

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  3. I love bargains and am always on the look out for great deals

  4. Great Ideas I have started a box of christmas gifts which are under my bed.

  5. Great ideas, I buy next years wrapping paper and cards in sale. Thanks for popping over to my blog.

  6. Great ideas....I'm doing the same!! Saveing competition wins and saving up Amazon vouchers....Have you tried using Swagbucks....I average about £15/£20 of Amazon vouchers every 2/3 weeks with them :)


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