A Week Of Learning And New Experiences

  1. Maxwell has become good at cleaning up after himself
  2. Maxwell and I are preparing to spend our first night away from one another
  3. Maxwell has a new friend who he takes EVERYWHERE
  4. Maxwell likes to climb
  5. Maxwell had a fun visit to the zoo
Recently we have seen a change in Maxwell. Instead of him leaving mess around the house, he now enjoys cleaning up after himself. 
Maxwell puts his rubbish in the bin, puts his plate in the sink and cleans all his toys into his toy box. He also manages to put dirty washing in the washing machine but does not understand that it must be split into whites and colours. He really is a helpful little boy.

Maxwell and I are going to be apart for a whole night on Friday when I spread my wings and fly to Britmums. I have to say I am excited but scared. Maxwell is 18 months and is always by my side however I think it will be nice to have some time to myself and also get Maxwell used to me not being there for him all the time. The only thing which scares me is that I may end up missing something e.g his first real word.

Last week Maxwell and I were sent a prize we had won. It was a La-La Oopsies Dvd and a small doll. I was going to give the DVD and doll to my sister for her godchildren however Maxwell had other plans! As soon as he spotted the doll he clutched her in his little chubby hand and ever since La-La Oopsies has traveled everywhere with him. I am slightly scared she may go missing soon as Maxwell seems to mislay a lot of things. I am sending the DVD to Nanny's when he visits there on Friday. 

This week has seen Maxwell climbing around the house but mostly on the sofa. He likes to climb up and try and scale the wall so he can sit on our window seat. I have told Maxwell several times that he could hurt himself but he enjoys watching the cars pass and occasionally likes to wave to people out the window. 

We visted the zoo last Friday (You can read our review here). This is the second time Maxwell had visited and he really enjoyed himself.  He loved seeing the animal's and he also loved running around the zoo. We had a fantastic time and I would definitely reccomend visiting. 

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