An Auction to remember Matilda Mae

Matilda Mae Memorial Auction

It should have been a beautiful little girls 1st birthday today. There should have been cake, presents, balloon and lots of smiles however instead her family are preparing to set her free.
On February 2 this year, Jennie Nairn put her 9-month-old baby girl to bed as normal.
Just a few, short hours later, Matilda Mae was found sleeping.
Matilda Mae was one in 600 babies who die from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome in the UK each year.

Jennie has thrown herself into fundraising for the Lullaby Trust, The Lullaby Trust funds research into SIDS so that families can be supported and given answers that they so desperately need. The Lullaby Trust also guides and supports families in making the first steps towards growing their family once more, with their Care of Next Infant program. They also provide a bereavment support service and help to educate parents on the importance of safe sleeping.

Jennie and the Lullaby Trust need YOUR support.

There are a number of ways to get involved and help raise awareness and much needed funds for the Lullaby  Trust.
  • You are able to Bid on items that will be on auction. The auction runs from May 11th to May 20th, run by Tots 100 on a separate auction site. There are lots of great items on offer so please take a look.

Please get involved and help in any way you can. 
No donation is too small and any money given will go to an amazing cause. 

Matilda Mae Memorial Auction

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