Bargain Hunting #5

Do not get done over by crazy prices. Follow my simple tips.

Just a short post this week however some useful information that may help my readers.

The Royal Mail have now decided to introduce a new system where parcels are now priced on both size and weight – making them more expensive to post.

Parcels are now priced on both size and weight, and unless a parcel is smaller than:
Length 45cm Width 35cm Depth 8cm OR Length: 16cm and Width: 16cm and Depth: 16cm with max weight of 2KG ,it will count as a medium or large parcel.
The parcel you posted 2 weeks ago second class which cost £2.20 may cost you £5.20 now as that is the cheapest price for a medium parcel. In my eyes that is daylight robbery and I am here to help you cut these costs.
  • Get a template free of the Royal Mail Website -  Royal Mail allows you to order a free cardboard template so you can check whether your items will fit into the small-parcel category.
  • Minimise Packaging - I used to send a lot of my parcels/post in jiffy bags or boxes however I recently brought plastic bags on eBay. They are extremely cheap and very handy to have. They also minimise packaging which could make a difference in weather your parcel is classed small,medium or large.
  • Use couriers - Couriers beat these crazy prices that Royal Mail have put in place and sometimes using a courier can be more convenient that going to the post office.  Some couriers will charge £3.99 for a parcel that is 2kg and £4.99 for a parcel that is 10kg. The most competitive couriers I have found are myHermes or Collect+ but please shop about before you choose which courier to use. Always look at what insurance they offer as well.
  • You are able to purchase boxes which are the size that Royal Mail wish there "smaller parcels" to be. You can buy them from Royal Mail directly at £11.48 for 10 boxes however you can search the net and pick up a bargain like these boxes for just £15.05 for 100!
For those interested as to the reasons why the prices have increased, please refer to the EU's Postal Service Directives


  1. This price hike is ridiculous I've stopped sending out parcels as often as I use to now as the prices have gone up and the service has gone down.

  2. That is a very useful post. The Royal Mail are true a total rip-off and a racket.

  3. After reading this, I will send my parcels via courier, far cheaper. Royal mail are rubbish to say the least, I still get my post at 5pm, it not on.

  4. Thanks for the info! I think the Royal mail are getting worse!

  5. Great post - the new postage charges have really put me off selling on ebay etc



  6. Thanks for all the info, I've stopped sending stuff so much because of the prices, especially to Canada. Most of the time , the postage is dearer than the gift inside!

  7. Thanks for the info - I agree postage price for parcels are higher than others! But you can't knock the stamp I certainly could not take a letter from Lands End to John O'Groats for 60p.

  8. They're nice and they got the job done, the two days I used them to carry things, they delivered as promised. I also couldn't get to my phone in time and the man waited outside until I had my packages delivered.


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