A Week Of Learning And New Experiences

Maxwell is climbing
He loves to shake

  1. Maxwell has learnt to climb the sofa. 
  2. Maxwell has been very spoilt this week. 
  3. Maxwell has learnt how to turn the TV on with the remote. 
  4. Maxwell went to his 1st music class this year. 
  5. Maxwell is trying to speak a lot more. 
  6. Maxwell likes to pretend objects are the phone and speak into them.
This week has been a little worrying. Maxwell has learnt how to climb the sofa and it panics me. He used to be able to get up on the sofa if he carefully placed his bumbo seat next to it as it gave him some height however this week he can do it by himself with nothing helping him to get up. Once up he likes to jump around. He is banned from climbing until he learns how to sit nicely. 

Maxwell has been treated this week to many things, from toys to clothes to his favourite food, we went a little bit mad. I always have a eye for a bargain and this week we went to Portsmouth where all the outlet stores are. Maxwell loved seeing the Radley dogs which he spotted outside the Radley store but I loved the bargains that I managed to find. I picked up a hoodie, a T-shirt and some lovely trousers for just £12 when it should have been £38! Maxwell also got this week a new fancy dress costume, a new Disney Car's bus, new cups and bibs and lots of little snacks which he loves.

For a while now Maxwell has learnt how to turn the TV on by pressing the buttons at the bottom. It is touch screen so it is very easy for him to turn on however this week he has learnt to use the remote to turn the TV on and off and change the channel! He is very clever.

Yesterday we had a lovely day out at the Kiddicare opening in Hedge End and Maxwell was treated to a lovely music session. He really enjoyed himself and had great fun charging around. He loved shaking his maracas. Thank you to Maraca Jacks for a lovely time!

Maxwell has been speaking a lot more. Although he is unable to actually speak words he loves to try and chatter away in his own language. This week Maxwell has been using objects. He puts them up to his ear and pretends to talk to people.

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