A Week Of Learning And New Experiences

Maxwell has gone into hiding
He loves to moonwalk

  1. Maxwell has learnt to walk backwards.
  2. He loves to play with his toy cars and push them around.
  3. He hates having his hair washed
  4. He loves jumping on to soft surfaces
  5. He loves hiding under the rug in our lounge
  6. He has tried lots of new foods this week.
Since Maxwell was small he has always loved to dance. This week whilst dancing he has learnt to walk backwards. He spins around and goes into his "moonwalk". Sometimes he spins so much though he falls over. It is so cute.

Maxwell has been playing more and more independently recently and his favorite thing to do is play with puzzles or shape stacker's however this week he has shown a interest in playing with his toy cars. He likes to push them along, or push them to me or his Dad so we can push them back.  He loves playing.

Maxwell loves baths.  He loves splashing, playing with his toys and loves to eat the bubbles. He has always been confident however this week he has developed a hate of having his hair washed.  If I try and wash his hair, he will instantly throw my hands of his head and get in a huff. I have over come this by using a flannel to dampen his hair and get the shampoo out.

Maxwell loves to jump on to soft surfaces and gets the giggles when he does this. He loves to do it in his cot at night but in the day time he loves to do it on his bean bag, he straightens his body, and then throws himself onto the surface and pushes his head in the either his mattress or the beanbag.

Maxwell loves hiding, behind doors and the curtains but this week I found him hiding under the rug in the lounge. Where he is quite small, I couldn't see him at first. I panicked as I thought he was lost. I am sure he will continue to find places to hide since his new hiding place has been found! 


  1. I love it when children master new things

  2. All of these little things that change so fast make it an absolute blessing to be a mum, it's these things that get you through the times when it's not so much fun!


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