A Week Of Learning And New Experiences

Maxwell enjoyed Easter
He learnt why boxes are so much fun!

  1. Maxwell learnt why boxes are so fun to play in
  2. Maxwell enjoyed his second Easter
  3. Maxwell played with bubbles for the first time
  4. Maxwell painted his eggs for Easter
  5. Maxwell was poorly
  6. We had a PJ day
This week Maxwell has developed a interest in boxes. He enjoys tipping them over and playing in them, either hiding or using them as a tunnel. We often get stuff delivered so Maxwell can look forward to plenty more playing in the future.

This year, it was Maxwell's second Easter. Last year he was very small and we couldn't do that much. This year we changed that by decorating eggs and spoiling Maxwell just a little. We had a fun day and even went out to make the most of the little sunshine we had and got a ice cream.

We went round Auntie Rachel's this week and she had made a lovely toy box up for Maxwell. Inside she had put some bubbles and of course Maxwell had to investigate what they were. Auntie Rachel blew the bubbles around the room. At first Maxwell was a little suspicious of them but eventually got used to them and liked popping them.

For Easter, I really wanted to do a Easter egg hunt, however Maxwell is too young so I decided we would decorate eggs for Easter! Maxwell had lots of fun, especially with the felt tips and lots of feathers.

Maxwell was poorly this week with a bad tummy, we had a nice PJ day and Maxwell enjoyed watching films with Mummy and having lots of cuddles! He is better now which I am glad about.


  1. Ooh bubbles, boxes and eggs, what a great season! Not do good on the being poorly though!

  2. Fantastic, who says you need lots of money to have great fun :)

  3. Awesome such treasured memories when our kids discover and learn new things

  4. Love it! We tried to do an easter egg hunt with Millie (she is 1) but she just ate everything she found before it got to her basket!!!


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