Happy Easter 2013!

How much chocolate will your children be eating this Easter?
Apparently the average British child will munch through a staggering £24 worth of chocolate!

Maxwell is now 15 months old, he loves chocolate however he gets far to hypo on chocolate so this year I decided NO Easter eggs. Instead I have got him things he will use and need.

In June, as many of you would have read, I am going to BritMums Live thanks to our wonderful sponsors SilentNight Beds. Maxwell is spending his 1st night ever away from me and I wanted to get him something special.
He is off to stay with Nanny and Grandad so he has a Skoot to go and visit them with. I was stuck between buying Maxwell a Trunki or a Skoot but in the end the Skoot won as it was on a deal I couldn't resist!

Maxwell also has s few other little bits which I put into his skoot to suprise him including a book, a soft toy and a DVD. He had other gifts too including a Tomy toy eggs from my sister and a new outfit and PJ's from my parents.

We woud like to wish you all a very Happy Easter!

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