Hallmark's Notecard and Card's Review

Are you looking for that perfect card for that special occasion?
Do you want to get the right message across?

Everyone around the world celebrates a special occasion throughout the year. Like many others I have started to buy my cards online however when Hallmark said they would send us a selection of their cards I was happy to see what they had to offer.

Currently, Hallmark's greeting cards, gift wrappings and other personal expression products are translated into more than 30 languages and sold in more than 100 countries. All their products are very popular.

We were sent a range of 2 birthday cards, 1 card suitable for Easter and 3 blank cards and some blank notecards.

I took a close look at the different cards we were sent and there was a good range. There was something to suit different sexes, age groups and different occasions.

First up were the Disney and Warner Bro's classics. The cards we were sent were blank, so they were suitable for most occasions. The pictures on the cards were detailed well and I was able to recognise the character on the front.  The quality of the cards is really good and in my own opinion they are more suited to teenagers and adults.

 The Happy Birthday cards and the card suitable for Easter were part of the Sew Cute range. Each card has a cute picture on the front with bright coloured wording, the cards looked fun.
Inside the card there is a quick message. The message is printed in fun writing again which suited the front of the card. There isn't a huge amount of space to write in this card so these would be suited for people who write less and also children.

Finally I took a look at the notecards, each pack comes with 10 notecards and envelopes.
We were sent 2 different packs, both had different prints, circles and flowers. The prints are themed more around the pink so are much more suited to females.
The notecards are quite small however I believe they have enough space to get any message across. I recently wrote one to a friend and I was able to fill the space well. The quality of the notecard is good and I would defiantly buy more.

Overall I would rate Hallmark's card and notecard range 5/5.

You can view the range of cards and notecards on Hallmarks website.

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review.
However we did receive the product for review purposes. Everything written in this post is my own, honest opinion

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