Giggle Giggle Beach Robe and Fleece Review

Are you looking for fun and funky clothing?
Something handmade from the UK?

I was recently introduced to a company called Giggle. Giggle Giggle provides cool kids clothing that combines high quality with all-season practicality to create eye-catching design.
Giggle Giggle was founded by Sue Worker to create the same high quality, fashionable children’s clothes that she wanted for her child and make them available to other parents.

I was excited to see what Giggle Giggle had to offer. As a parent I am always on the lookout for items which are unique and are good quality. I also look at how practical the item is and how it washes on a regular basis. I hate to buy Maxwell clothes to find they easily mishape or even start getting holes in.

We were sent an Animal Farm patterned fleece top and a lovely Boys Navy Beach Robe.
When I first saw the two items, I thought they looked great. The fleece was brightly coloured with funky animal prints over and the robe was a lovely deep blue colour with boat motifs on.

On close inspection you can see what fantastic quality the fleece and the robes are. They are both handmade in the UK which I think makes the products even more unique. I am a strong believer of supporting UK made products.

First I looked at the fleece. It is made of thick material and it is stitched well. I loved that the product had a fun design on however I do prefer Maxwell in darker colours and thought the colours were a little girly as it has pinks and purples on.
I liked the shape of the fleece, it fitted Maxwell well. The arm length was the correct length and so was the body of it. I was initially worried about the material bobbling but I needn't have worried. I have washed the fleece several times and it is still soft and bobble free after a few washes.

 Next I took a look at the beach robe. I loved the beach robe and personally think they are great for children as they have many uses. You can use it on the beach, after a swimming lesson or even when your child gets out the bath.
The bath robe is made of 100% cotton toweling and is soft to touch. It kept Maxwell warm after getting out of the bath and made it easier to dry him.
I liked that the robe had a pocket on the front and I think this will be handy in the summer when we take Maxwell to the beach as he can put a few of his own things in there.
The robe washes well and is a great product that many parents should invest in.

Giggle Giggle clothing is priced quite highly. However you do get what you pay for. Good quality childswear made in the UK.

Overall I would Giggle Giggles clothing range 4.5/5.

You can view the range on their website.

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review.
However we did receive the product for review purposes. Everything written in this post is my own, honest opinion

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