Bargain Hunting #2


Tesco Egg game - Play this game and win either a chocolate bunny or a Galaxy Tab! You need to find 3 eggs to win a bunny but if you come across a gold egg you can win the tab. Good Luck!

Coupons: Stock Up On - All Items FREE!

 - Coupon to print for Nair, £1 off Nair products, Asda have the Sensitive Cream on offer at 85p at the moment making it FREE using coupon.

- Coupon to print on Facebook for Scratch Meals for FREE, only valid for 3 days so be quick! You must have 2 friends on Facebook to get the coupon. Scratch meals sold in most supermarkets! - Coupons found in Tesco mag instore but also online(click link). There is a Parioli Italian voucher for 50p. Get 2 of these and you can get 2 tins of Parioli Chopped Tomatoes 400G for free as buy 2 for £1 at the moment.

Freebies: - Free sample of one of the lotions from E45. -  Free sample of nappy cream, I always find these come in handy in my changing bag as they are the perfect size! Warning! You do have to answer a short survey to get this cream. - Free sample of colour catcher. Fill in your details and receive your free sample. 

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