A Week Of Learning And New Experiences

This week has been entertaining
Maxwell has learnt new tricks!

  1. Maxwell has managed to walk around much better and is getting on well with his shoes.
  2. He has been badly teething
  3. He got his first Mr tumble magazine, which kept him entertained for hours
  4. He likes to play more independently
  5. He got a set of Playmobil, from a friend and loves to play with it.
  6. He has learnt to climb the sofa.
  7. We got a new WII and Maxwell likes playing bowling with me on it.
When Maxwell got his new shoes earlier on in the month, he hated having them on his feet. He has never had anything on his feet apart from socks and struggled to get used to the fact he had shoes on, however he has come on leaps and bounds over the last week and loves walking around in his shoes.

Maxwell now nearly has a whole set of top and bottom teeth. He has been badly teething this week as several teeth have been coming through on the tops and bottoms. He hasn't been making much of a fuss, he just finds it hard to eat certain things. His favourite thing to eat is fish and soft potato.

This week we given a big box of Playmobil. I always thought Maxwell was a little to young as it has smaller pieces that he could choke on, however once I removed the smaller pieces he had lots of fun playing. He has started to play more independently this week and loves his new Playmobil. The stuff we were sent was second hand from a friend but I have decided I will buy him some new sets for Christmas.

To my horror Maxwell has learnt to climb the sofa and once he is up, he balances on the arm and scales the wall so he can sit on the window sill! We have a big window sill which is more like a seat and he loves to sit up there and watch the cars go by. I get very scared he may fall off and I keep telling him how dangerous it is! I am hoping soon he will grow out of it.

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  1. Isn't getting their first shoes the cutest? He will be into everything now... more so!



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